Recipe by Mimi in Maine

This makes a great gift at Christmas time or any other time. You can make it and let it sit and then transfer it to a pretty bottle to give away. You will want to make two so you will have one for yourself. This and olive oil make a great dressing for a salad. You will need one wooden skewer but the list would not permit me to add it, but you will need it.


  1. You will need a sprig of rosemary to fit the bottle of vinegar; depending on the size of rosemary, you might neet two.
  2. Usually the thyme sprigs are not big so you will need two.
  3. At any rate, you can't have too many sprigs for your vinegar.
  4. Peel about a 5" strip from the lemon with a potato peeler being careful not to get too much of the white.
  5. Thread the lemon peel here and there on the skewer and add the whole garlic bud.
  6. Add the skewer and then the sprigs of thyme and rosemary.
  7. Put a cork in it and let it sit for at least 7 days; but better if it is about 2 weeks.

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