Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is a great alternative to a traditional chili. It is especially great for Spring and Summer as it is much lighter and a bit sweet and spicy. It is very easy to make and can even be done on a camping trip as the ingredients (except for the cheese and bread) are all canned or dry. I actually dreamed about this recipe, woke up the next day and wrote it down. I have never found a similar chili so I consider this a one of a kind creation. I love it for lunch or supper, especially with a slice of swiss cheese melted on top and slice of buttered french bread. It is even better the second day as all the flavors get a chance to meld together.

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  1. Add all ingredients, EXCEPT for the Swiss cheese & French bread, into a medium size pot and cook until heated through.
  2. Melt a slice of Swiss cheese on top and serve with French bread.
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I won grand champion prize at our church's chili fest using this tasty recipe. Quick and easy to make too!

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What an excellent, unique chili recipe. The BF loves any savory dish that contains fruit, so the pineapple was a selling point for us. I used turkey ham because it was a bit lower fat than the regular and on sale, otherwise, we made this as posted. So delicious! We've made this several times and it's part of our usual rotation now.

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My DH really liked this! Because I am trying to cut down on our sodium, I used 1 cup of dried pinto beans and 1 cup of dried navy beans. I cooked these, then drained the beans, added the rest of the ingredients, and heated through. Thanks for a very good recipe!