Gyros Quick and Easy (Donair / Donar)

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by C. Taylor

***Update: There was a typo with the salt amount and it has now been changed to 2 teaspoons. Also, based on the review, I would like to clarify that for the strips, you compress the meat with your hands like you would make a burger, but shape it a bit thinner and strip shaped.*** This is very flavorful and quick since you just pan fry thin strips of the ground meat. Feel free to experiment with the toppings... For greek go with tzatziki, tomato and onion (even french fries are great in this combo). For donar (like you get in Europe) top with aioli and harissa with coleslaw, onion and tomato. For donair (like you get in Canada) top with donair sauce, tomato and onion. This makes a good amount so feel free to form and freeze a portion of the meat for a super quick meal or half the recipe. Please note that I have not included recipes for the different sauces, but there are many recipes available on Zaar. Update: I've added a recipe for a quick version of the aioli and harissa sauces that usually accompany the donar kebabs in Europe; Donar Kebab Sauces (White and Red) .

Top Review by leahestella

Although the spices were right, this gyro meat was completely ruined by her call for 3 tablespoons of salt. I don't know how salty you must like your food, but this made the meat so salty my family and I couldn't even eat it. I normally taste my things as I'm cooking, but I obviously couldn't do that with raw meat when I was seasoning it. It was a mistake on my part to trust a recipe so thoroughly, but when you're making a meal of 5 dishes at the same time, these things aren't always at the front of your mind. Perhaps it's an author error (let's hope) and it's meant to be TEAspoons? Additionally, the strips did not turn out to be "strips" at all. The meat was completely crumbly and fell apart. I was not able to keep the meat formed into any kind of resemblance of a gyro strip. I recognize that making your own gyro meat isn't the easiest of tasks, so perhaps I'll try another recipe for them. Or I'll search out some market with them pre-made.

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  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl and knead for about 10 minute Take the meat and slam it onto the counter (or in the bowl) about 20 times.
  2. Form the meat into strips that are flat and about 4 inches long by 2 inches wide. Cook on high for just a few minutes on each side, making sure to cook the meat through.
  3. Meanwhile for the pitas, take a pita and dip it in water quickly and then spray or brush with a little olive oil. Place in a pan over medium high heat, till each side has been toasted and heated through.
  4. For assembly, take a toasted pita and place about 3 or 4 strips of meat and then top with desired toppings. Wrap bottom portion with a bit of parchment paper or aluminum foil to make eating easier.

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