Green Salsa Beef Enchilada's

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Total Time
15 mins
35 mins

I looked for a recipe similar to this but could only find green chicken enchilada's but I already had beef out so this recipe was born. The kids scarfed it down. I use this tomatillo salsa recipe Tomatillo Salsa for Canning

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  1. Brown the hamburger then drain. Add 1 cup tomatillo salsa and 4 oz cream cheese. Cook on low until the cream cheese and salsa are combined in the meat and thickened up. Place enough tomatillo salsa into the bottom of an 11x7 baking dish to cover it. Spoon the meat mixture into the tortilla and place in baking dish with the split side down. Cover with remaining salsa (make sure you don't use too much). Top this with cheese or queso. Cover with foil and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Take foil off and bake another 5 minute.