Golden Oats Medley (Instead of Rice, Noodles or Other Grains)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 6 mins

Wholegrain oats for dinner? They’re delicious! Every grain is firm and separate and naturally full of flavour. They’re fluffier than rice and higher in protein, too. You can serve Golden Oats as a side dish seasoned with herbs or your favourite vegetables. Or serve them plain under stews, stroganoff in casseroles or other saucy meat dishes. Add chopped parsley for colour and flavour or season as you like. Use wherever you’d ordinarily use rice, noodles or potatoes. Golden Oats are quicker to make than rice. The secret is mixing a little egg to form a seal around every grain. The egg will allow the grains to dry and separate until they’re big, round and delicately brown. Try it out for yourself, it’s so easy and really good for your colon and your heart and I think your children will love it as much as I do. I like to use the large flaked oatmeal but you can use any kind you like. For the recipe below I like to fry up some onions too.

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  1. Combine uncooked oats and beaten egg in medium sized bowl; mix until oats are thoroughly coated. Saute green pepper in butter in large skillet. Add oat mixture to green pepper mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly 1 to 2 minutes, or until oats are dry, separated and lightly browned. Add broth and salt; continue cooking, stirring occasionally, until liquid evaporates. Makes 4 servings.
  2. VARIATIONS USING THE BASIC “Golden Oats Medley” recipe above.
  3. *FOR GOLDEN OATS ORIENTAL: Substitute 3/4 cup water and 2 Tablespoons soy sauce for broth.
  4. FOR GOLDEN OATS PILAF: Substitute 3/4 cup mushroom slices and 2 Tablespoons chopped green onion or chives for green pepper.
  5. FOR GOLDEN OATS FLORENTIN: Substitute 1 cup chopped spinach or broccoli for green pepper.
  6. FOR GOLDEN OATS ROMA: Substitute 1 cup thinly sliced zucchini and 1 garlic clove, minced for green pepper.
  7. FOR GOLDEN OATS LORRAINE: Add 2 crisply cooked bacon slices, crumbled.
  8. FOR GOLDEN OATS PROVENCAL: Add 1 medium sized tomato, chopped.
  9. FOR GOLDEN OATS WITH HERBS: ADD 2 Tablespoons parsley flakes, 1/2 teaspoon oregano leaves, 1/2 teaspoon basil leaves.
  10. The Quaker Oats.Wholegrain Cookbook.


Most Helpful

I have made this for years, you can leave out the savory and serve it as a breakfast food with sugar and cinnamon. Egg adds protein. I make it with sage and onion and chicken broth and serve it as a stuffing with turkey.

Lee Anne G. April 12, 2011

I'm so glad I found this recipe. My boyfriend's diabetic and I have Celiac, so it's not always easy to find side dishes that are good for both of us. I tried the oats with herbs version, with a few modifications. I didn't have any green pepper, so I chopped up some green onion instead. I also added a clove of fresh garlic, and some sliced almonds. We both agreed that this tasted very much like stuffing (which we both miss). Thanks for posting such a yummy dish!

JustDrea81 July 06, 2010

Easy and delish--another whole grain to add to my recipe box. Made it as suggested into a pilaf, with the addition of toasted almonds. A great side for grilled salmon.

johnanddee369 March 19, 2010

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