Fried Bananas With Sugar 'n' Rum

Total Time
10 mins
8 mins

A Caribbean-inspired recipe from the Caribbean, Central American and South American cookbook. Be sure to use ripe, but not overly ripe bananas or they will turn to mush.

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  1. Tip: to make your own superfine sugar, place the sugar in a clean coffee mill or mini-chopper. Blend until crystals are fine but still "sparkle". Be sure not to blend too long, or the sugar will turn to powdered sugar.
  2. Over low heat in a large, heavy pan, combine the sugar, rum, butter, lime zest and lime juice.
  3. Cook for a few minutes, stirring often to avoid burning. Cook until the sugar has dissolved.
  4. Add the bananas to the pan, turning to coat them with the sugar/rum mixture.
  5. Increase heat to medium, and cook the bananas for about 5 minutes or until the bananas are a beautiful golden color.
  6. Remove bananas from pan and cut in half lengthwise.
  7. For each serving, place two banana slices on a dessert plate. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and generous drizzle of the hot sugar/rum sauce.
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Eaten with enormous greed and total abandon.......lurking at the bottom of the garden, so the neighbours would not gatecrash my dessert party! I used golden caster sugar, which is superfine sugar to you, I believe. I served this with mango sorbet and a few plastic palm trees with a paper monkey - it HAS to be done........and another reason I had to hide from the neighbours. My rum syrup went a bit hard and sticky, like toffee, but it was wonderful......I think I got carried away with heating it in the pan - possibly whilst swigging out of the rum bottle. Made for the Whiners and Cheesers and ZWT5, merci encore CG. PS: I used Woods Navy Rum, sorry - but t'was all I had. FT:-)