Energy Herbal Tea

Total Time
1 min
7 mins

I was looking for a little added energy using healthier ways and found this. I hope it works! I will let you know! It didn't give me the watre amount so I assume it is 6-8 ounces.

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  1. Add to infuser and steep for 5-7 minutes.
  2. Sweeten with honey if desired.
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I used fresh rosemary from the garden!
This is really aromatic and a nice addition to simple green tea.
Thanks a lot for this recipe!

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Very nice! I love trying new teas! Thanks!

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Great idea to flavour green tea. Often I do not like green tea due to what I call the "grassy notes". But the rosemary and the nutmeg are balancing these notes out. Love it. I don't use honey, because I like my tea not sweeten. To make green tea I would suggest to boil water water and then let cool slightly for about 5 minutes. If you use this hot water (160 F) the tea will not have those too bitter notes. I let my tea steep for only 2 minutes (personal preference). My tea was very mild with some great notes of rosemary and nutmeg. Just enough, but not overpowering. Thanks for sharing such an easy and great tea recipe. Will make my green tea from now often in this style.