Easiest, Tastiest, Chocolatiest Chocolate Mousse Ever

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Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

I made this once when I was experimenting with chocolate whipped cream. It's so versatile. Sometimes I'll make an individual portion for myself, and I easily triple the amount of cocoa I use. Try adding some pureed raspberries, blueberries, or some thickened orange juice.

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  1. Dump everything in a bowl.
  2. Give it all a stir with a spoon, so that it's pretty well mixed (it can still be lumpy, though--the main thing is you don't want to have dry cocoa powder, as it'll go all over if you try to mix it).
  3. Use a hand mixer to mix it all together until stiff and fluffy. It should be thicker than whipped cream. Feel free to add other ingredients after getting it to the right texture, too. I like to add in cocoa powder if I think it's not chocolaty enough. And it's never chocolaty enough.