Dutch Red Cabbage Revelation

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READY IN: 40mins
Recipe by MichelleAndErin

My (Dutch) mother's recipe for "Hollandse Rode Kool". Previously, I never thought of cabbage as exciting, so much as something to be endured. But no longer! This dish is tangy and delicious with a lovely tender consistency; even the kids love it. And it's healthy! And a beautiful vivid red.

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  1. For the apples, green or Fuji work well. Get something that doesn't disintegrate when cooked. For the vinegar, cider is good, but basic white vinegar is fine. For the jam, raspberry, plum, etc makes a fine substitute. Also, my mom puts in some chopped candied ginger for zing.
  2. Saute the cabbage in the butter, turning often, for 10-15 minutes. A wok is good if you have a lid for it.
  3. Add the sugar, onion, apples, and cook for another 5min. It should be all wilted now.
  4. Add the rest, COVER, and simmer slowly for another 20min or so. Be sure to periodically turn it so it doesn't scorch. In the end, it will all be pretty much the same bright purplish red color.
  5. This dish is hard to mess up; it still tastes okay mildly scorched. :) It's yummy served hot or cold, but I prefer warm. And it keeps for many days in the fridge.

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