Dad's Mashed Potatoes Yummmm!

Total Time
15 mins
25 mins

DH is the mashed potato guru in our house. He just loves to play around with different types but this one is our favorite. He came across the idea one day when I was busy with everything else & it was football day so I took him the bag of potatoes, a bowl and knife and told him to get busy. He never even relalized he had peeled all the potatoes he was so busy watching the game...So then he decided to come finish out the "project"lol. So thats how we make mashed potatoes in our house. These are wonderful! They go with anything especially good with gravy I think, DH don't like gravy so they are wonderful anyway! He has also subed the french onion dip for dill dip. I really like the dill one for Thanksgiving it goes great with the turkey! The kids can't get enough of them. We all walk or roll away from the table after eating to much of these!

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  1. Wash , peel, & boil potatoes till done, mash adding all the ingredients. (We use a mixer to get them nice and fluffy) enjoy!