Crock Pot Hearty Hobo Soup - Vegetarian

Total Time
9hrs 30mins
30 mins
9 hrs

From the Busy Peoples Slow Cooker Cookbook by Dawn Hall

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  1. I use my largest 6 Quart Smart Pot for this recipe.
  2. I also use Low Sodium V-8 which comes in a 64 ounce bottle and adjust.
  3. Spray a Slow Cooker with cooking spray ( I sometimes use those new Crock pot liners) for easy cleanup.
  4. In the Slow Cooker mix together the Vegetables, Vegetable Juice, Bay Leaves, Cole slaw, Garlic Powder and Salt to taste (I substitute 1 Tbs ONLY of Ms. Dash Original Flavor for the garlic and salt and sometimes add chopped onions to taste).
  5. Cover and cook on low 8 to 10 hours.