Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas

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Total Time
6hrs 5mins
5 mins
6 hrs

I like to take these to potlucks because it's a super simple recipe and it always gets eaten up! The recipe calls for chicken, but I've used stew meat as well to make beef fajitas.

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  1. Place onion in crock pot.
  2. Combine lime juice with seasonings in small bowl.
  3. Add chicken and toss well.
  4. Pour chicken and juices over onion.
  5. Cover and cook 6-8 hours.
  6. Stir in peppers during the last 30-45 minutes of cooking.
  7. Serve on tortillas, with sour cream, guacamole and tomato.
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This recipe is super easy, quick and delish!!! I made it for a "fiesta" themed celebration at work, it was a huge hit!! I used two 12.5oz cans of white meat chicken (just be careful if watching what you eat... many cans have more ing.'s than just chicken and water) and cooked it for only two hours, turned out perfectly to use for fajita nachos! Great recipe!!

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Great easy recipe! I was afraid the chicken would dry out so I added a bit of water at the beginning, leaving a plethora of sauce. Would to great on rice with all the juices, but instead we wrapped up in tortillas with salsa, sour cream, cheese, and olives. Very flavorful and a quick week night meal!

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We made this the other night when my parents were visiting from out of town, and I was getting home just as they arrived. We doubled the recipe and it made enough for four adults with a bit left over. The chicken was a bit dry, but we had it cooking for nine hours. The taste was good, and I will remember this when I need a quick meal again.