Cinnamon Ice Cream (for electric ice cream machine)

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This recipe was posted in answer to a message board request. It was one of many recipes that came with my ice cream machine. Cinnamon ice cream is yummy on warm apple pie, baked apples, bread pudding or just in a bowl by itself, on a hot night. Freezing time for this recipe is 30 minutes in my electric ice cream machine. Time may vary according to the manufactures directions for your ice cream maker. Cook/Prep times do not include the 1 to 2 hour chilling time needed before processing/freezing the cooked mixture. Note: The egg yolk gives the finished product a better texture.


  1. Lightly beat egg yolk (if using).
  2. Stir in sugar and 1/2 cup of half& half (if not using the egg yolk, just combine the sugar and 1/2 cup of half& half) in a saucepan.
  3. Cook over low heat (or microwave) stirring frequently, until mixture thickens a bit.
  4. Whisk cooked mixture together with remaining ingredients.
  5. Cool and chill mixture for a few hours (1-2 hours).
  6. Pour cold mixture into ice cream machine and process according to manufacturer's directions.
Most Helpful

Wonderful ice cream, my family loved it. I served this over [recipe=65873]Apple Loaf #65873[/recipe] and it tasted like a summertime version of apple pie! Thanks Dee, I'll be making this again and would you please submit more outstanding recipes from the brochure than came with your ice cream maker?

Hey Jude July 27, 2003

I am proud to say I was the one to request this. It was truly scrumptious (now I have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang going through my head ;) I didn't use the yolk (I didn't know it called for it originally) and I used evaporated skim milk, fat free half and half, splenda, and 1-1/2 tsp cinnamon (I LOVE the stuff!!). I don't have an ice cream machine - but it's on my 'to-get' list - so I used the 'freeze and process' method. First, you 'ripen' your liquid by refrigerating it as specified or overnight - even better. Then you put it into a shallow pan (I suggest freezing it first before putting liquid in and I used a 9in cake round tin). Freeze until firm. Also freeze your food processor cup and blade (I also tossed in the lid for safe measure). Then scrape mixture into food processor and process until creamy. Repeat process as many times as you can. Then to store, put in tupperware, cover ice cream's surface with saran wrap, and secure lid on top; getting out a much air as possible. One word of warning, it will be rock-solid frozen right when you take it out of the freezer, so I suggest taking it out 3-4 hours and refrigerating prior to serving. Because I didn't use an ice cream machine, I yeilded just over 2 cups. Dee also posted a DIET version #67383(why didn't you tell me? ;) I should try THAT next. No need to get 'exotic' ingredients - just use milk all ready in the fridge. Cinnamon-aholics everywhere should try this!

nomnom July 25, 2003

I received a brand new ice cream machine for Mother's Day and this is the recipe I chose to give it a try. I followed the directions exactly using the highest amount for the cinnamon and it turned out wonderful. Really enjoyed it and it was so easy. I served it in a bowl without any extra and it was wonderful.

Bonnie G #2 June 11, 2012