Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

Definitely serve for breakfast with toast to get your protein and fiber in! (a much healthier Nutella). It’s more of a semi-sweet taste, probably because I used Dark Cocoa, but I’ll be experimenting with other’s in the future.

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  1. Put everything in food processor minus the water. Scrape down sides and keep mixing till all blended.
  2. While it’s running slowly add the water, keep checking on it till you like the texture. (I used 3 Tbsps).
  3. Serve on Toast or fruit!
Most Helpful

Very yummy. I tried to calculate the protein per weight in grams. I made this, substituting some peanut butter for olive oil. I think, by weight, this recipe gets about 9-10% protein in each serving. Correct me, if I am not correct.

Shelley K. March 02, 2016

We just tried this ... I had cooked up a bunch of chick peas in the crock pot and so had extra. We added in cinnamon after first trying it without and decided it's how we liked it best! Had it with apple slices. Great to have as a healthy option for snacks and breakfast. We're even thinking about peanut butter and chocolate hummus sandwiches.

rigw February 20, 2011

I have to admit that when i saw this recipe, my first impression was 'Eww! Glick!' But I knew that I had to try it. The kids loved it because texturally, it looks exactly like cookie dough, so when I gave them spoonfuls of it, they thought they were getting away with something. I omitted the peanut butter, because one of the recipients was under 2, but added some back onto my toast later. Don't leave it out - the peanut butter really helps the flavor. I had no idea if the beans were supposed to be rinsed or not, so i rinsed and needed about 4 T of water to achieve a nice, spreadable consistency. Thanks for the unusual and unique recipe! I'm sure that I'll make if often for my kids.

Qmeg November 12, 2009