Chocolate Cake With Salted Basil Ganache

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READY IN: 2hrs
Recipe by marisk Chef Stephanie Izard Top Chef, Season 4, Episode 7. The ingredient Fromage blanc with fat content may be added to hot liquids to make a sauce that will not curdle. It can also be whipped for increased volume.

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  1. CAKE: Melt chocolate and butter with basil over water bath. Meanwhile, whisk whites until soft peaks and add in sugar and whisk until stiff peaks. When chocolate has melted, let cool for one minute.
  2. Set a bowl strainer over the yolks and push chocolate through with spatula. Whisk chocolate and yolks together to combine and fold in whites. Spray 1/4 sheet with oil cooking spray and add in butter. Bake at 350 degrees approximately 35 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean. Let cool.
  3. FILLING: Whisk all ingredients together.
  4. GANACHE: Heat cream with basil. Strain and whisk into chocolate. Season with salt.
  5. LEMON REDUCTION: Reduce ingredients together until syrupy.
  6. POMEGRANATE REDUCTION: Reduce ingredients to syrupy consistency and strain.

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