Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 20 mins

This delicious mouth watering recipe comes from today's Young Times. It's Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's recipe!

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  1. To start with, cut tofu into 1 inch diamond shaped pieces.
  2. Heat oil in a wok.
  3. Roll tofu pieces in cornflour.
  4. Now, deep fry them in hot oil on medium flame until the edges start to turn brown.
  5. Remove from wok, drain onto absorbent paper and keep aside.
  6. Blend 1 tbsp cornflour (this much will be leftover) in quarter cup of water.
  7. Keep aside.
  8. Peel onions and cut'em into thick slices.
  9. Peel, wash and crush garlic.
  10. Slice green chillies.
  11. Wash, halve, de-seed and cut capsicum into thick strips.
  12. Heat 2 tbsps.
  13. oil in a wok.
  14. Add garlic and stir-fry for a minute.
  15. Add green chillies, onions and capsicum.
  16. Saute for a few minutes.
  17. Add tofu.
  18. Stir in stock.
  19. Add salt, pepper powder, soy sauce and chilli sauce.
  20. Stir well.
  21. Stir in the blended cornflour.
  22. Cook on high flame, stirring until the sauce thickens to coat the tofu and vegetables.
  23. Serve rightaway with hot rotis or naan or parathas or even kulchas!
  24. Enjoy your meal!
Most Helpful

I have to make another batch of this today! This is better than the meals I get at the Chinese restaurant... really! What a yummy meal!! The green chillies (I used jalapenos) and chili sauce (I used the hot stuff) added a nice burn, which I love. I pressed the tofu to get out the excess moisture and cut it into bite size pieces. It fried up nicely with the cornstarch coating and that helped the sauce stick to it as well. Also, I just mixed the cornstarch and water with the soy sauce mixture and dumped it in the pan all at once. I don't know what rotis, naan, parathas or kulchas are but I sure wasn't missing anything. This was fantastic all by itself. Thanks so much for yet another great recipe, Char!

yogi June 13, 2003

This is the best recipe for tofu I have ever tried. Although I used green peppers instead of the capsicum but it tasted great too. My family just loved it...

javeriakmirza March 09, 2008

This is my first experience with tofu. I used chicken stock, which worked just fine. This is absolutely delicious! The ingredients complement the tofu perfectly! Easy to prepare. Very nice looking. Thank-you for a very enjoyable introduction to tofu!

cuisinebymae February 11, 2007