chicken francaise with rice ala chris

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by BoxOWine

Got this recipe by spying on a restaurant chef who was dating my DD. Invited him into my kitchen to show off and I wrote everything down while he was cooking. guessed at the measurements but hope close enough is good enough. Now I make this to show off too.

Top Review by charlie 5

I have been making this for a long time. Got the recipe from a co-worker. The only thing different is, no saffron, and I often cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces before cooking, or I sometimes will simply slice the chicken breasts very thin into something like a cutlet. Sometimes I have to add more flour or cornstarch to thicken it more. My kids love this.

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  1. briefly rinse 1 1/2 cups long grain rice in strainer under cold running water.
  2. place in saucepan with about 2 cups chicken broth.
  3. broth should measure to your first knuckle on your hand.
  4. add few threads saffron.
  5. bring to boil, stir, lower heat to simmer and cover.
  6. simmer for about 15 mins.
  7. check rice to see that all liquid is absorbed.
  8. fluff with fork when ready to serve.
  9. make roux- in small saute pan melt 2 tbsp unsalted butter.
  10. whisk in 1 tblsp flour until blended, add small amounts of flour until roux is a light paste consistency.
  11. do not allow roux to brown.
  12. place pan on side place about 1 cup flour in shallow dish.
  13. salt and pepper cutlets to taste.
  14. dip chicken cutlets in flour to coat lightly.
  15. heat oil in large frying pan.
  16. dip floured cutlets in beaten eggs and fry until light brown.
  17. remove from oil and drain on paper towels.
  18. remove oil from pan and wipe clean.
  19. add 2 tbsp unsalted butter, slowly melt.
  20. add wine, chicken broth and lemon juice.
  21. bring to slow boil.
  22. whisk in roux until sauce is lightly thickened.
  23. return chicken cutlets to pan and slowly heat.

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