Cathy's Mandarin Cake

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Total Time
5 mins
35 mins

You've got to try this one! My mom makes it for family gatherings and the recipe is always requested. I make it for friends and the recipe is always requested. It is so moist and delicious, you won't believe it.

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  1. Directions for cake-------------.
  2. Mix all cake ingredients together in stand mixer and beat.
  3. (If mixing by hand, make sure oranges are broken up) Pour into greased cake pan and bake 30-35 minutes at 325 degrees.
  4. Cool cake before frosting.
  5. Frosting-----------.
  6. Mix together (with spoon) Cool Whip, dry pudding mix, vanilla and pinapple, w/juice.
  7. Spread on cake; can serve right away, or keep refrigerated until ready to serve.