Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

I made this up one day when I was trying to use up some fish sticks, It's really good and so easy to make, kids like it too!

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  1. Fry or bake the fish sticks, use 1 1/2 fish sticks per taco, fill with condiments, eat!
  2. and enjoy.
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Very good for a quick meal. My dh wanted fish tonight for Lent and I had some frozen fish planks to use. I didn't have corn tortillas so I used flour. I added avocado and some home made salsa a friend gave us. My 11 yo dd didn't want the fish sticks until she saw what I was doing with them, then she changed her mind. I missed having that good sauce that the taco stands put on fish tacos and cilantro but it was a quick 15 minute meal!