Berry Cordial

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Recipe by DrGaellon

A recipe from my friend Roy Heflin. Note that the recipe calls for blackberries so as to generate a useful nutritional panel (RZ doesn't have nutritional data for the generic "berries"), but any cane berry (blackberry, raspberry, loganberry, boysenberry, marionberry) as well as blueberries can be used in this recipe, as can a mixture of any of them. Frozen berries work fine, as long as they are not pre-sweetened.

Top Review by Elainia

I made this a few weeks ago and almost forgot! Its for gifts. The flavor is spot on for chambord.I couldn't taste the vodka at all. I used wild black raspberries from my back yard and about 1 cup of cranberries because thats what I had. They were both frozen btw. I made one mistake and simmered my berries with the sugar and water so had a tough time straining them, huge DUH. Still, it came out great and its clear. Ended up using coffee filters inside a funnel. I bought some pretty frosted bottles at the hombrew store and made up some pretty labels. Of course, I also used it for making truffles and put a shot into a glass of cold soda water, mmmm. Looking forward to making tiramisu with this one!


  1. Put berries in a 6-8qt pot and add water; bring to rolling boil. Reduce to bare simmer and cover for 20 minutes, or until berries lose their shape.
  2. Drain and strain through cheesecloth, squeezing out as much juice as possible. Allow to cool to room temperature. Measure quantity of juice.
  3. Wash out pot and return juice to pot. Add 1- 1 1/2 cup sugar per quart of juice. Return to the boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 10-20 minutes. Allow to cool to room temperature again.
  4. Add 1 cup alcohol (vodka or white brandy) per quart of sweetened juice. (I personally like a mixture of the two, in a 2:1 ratio, as I find this smooths out any imperfections in either alcohol.).
  5. Allow to sit for at least 2 weeks before bottling. Can be drunk immediately or allowed to age - it is distinctly better with 4-6 weeks of aging. For longer aging, make sure it is TIGHTLY sealed.

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