Beer Shandy

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Total Time
2 mins
0 mins

This is a light and refreshing alcoholic drink perfect for a hot summer's afternoon. It is certain to be a hit with the ladies! I use Red Stripe since its taste is closest that of Castle Lager, but any lager would be good.

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  1. Pour well chilled beer into tumbler.
  2. Gently pour in well chilled Sprite.
  3. NOTE: since the ingredients portions are equal, you could make this as small or as large as you like!
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We had these in Germany on a recent trip, only instead of Sprite they used lemonade...very tasty!

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I wasn't sure exactly how to make a Shandy since the last time I had one was about 20 years ago in Manchester England. I was telling someone about the combination of beer and lemonade and they didn't believe me. I looked up the recipe on RecipeZaar and found this easy recipe. This combination makes for one very light and refreshing concoction. It is amazing on a hot day. And try it Ginger Ale for a different taste sensation!

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A good old standby. Improves a beer you are not keen on and highly enjoyable with beers you do like. Made it today with an Enterprise Brewery Knappstein Reserve Lager.