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Don't know where this recipe originated, just that it's been around my family for a long time. A very different method of making an icing, however, if you don't like the traditional powdered sugar ones, this is very light & doesn't taste as sweet. It is fantastic and a little thicker when cream cheese is substituted for butter.

Top Review by KareBear78

I have made a recipe just like this for years. The cream cheese route sounds excellent. This recipe is also very good on a chocolate cake. My mother makes it with a white milk cake that she has cut in half a spread with raspberry jam. She then uses this icing and sprinkles it with mini chocolate chips.

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  1. This first part is best made ahead to allow for cooling. In a small sauce pan, mix flour into milk, then heat on low heat, stirring constantly until mixture resembles a thick pudding. Cover and let cool.
  2. In a separate bowl, cream butter with sugar.
  3. Add vanilla and blend until smooth.
  4. Add first mixture after fully cooled.
  5. Decorate as usual. Should be able to ice one 8x8 cake. Excellent for Carrot Cake when using Cream Cheese.
  6. Note - this is not a good recipe to sit out of refrigerator for too long, unlike the powdered sugar icings.

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