White Russian Tiramisu

READY IN: 40mins
SERVES: 8-10
YIELD: 1 tiramisu


  • 34
    cup coffee beans, fresh and finely ground, divided (use the best you can find, since the flavor will be apparent)
  • 3
    cups water
  • 14
    cup coffee liqueur, divided (I like Starbucks)
  • 14
    cup vodka, divided
  • 13
    cup brown sugar, packed
  • 48
    ladyfingers (your ladyfinger needs will depend on if you split them, the size of pan you use, and how thick you s)
  • 2
    tablespoons unsweetened cocoa, divided


  • Make coffee according to your preferred method, using 1/2 cup ground coffee and 3 cups water. Add 2 tablespoons coffee liquor and 2 tablespoons Vodka and set aside until liquid is no longer hot to the touch, preferrably slightly cool.
  • Beat Mascarpone, sugar, and 2 tablespoons each of coffee liquor and vodka on medium, until well combined. It's going to be unbelieveably delicious, but resist the urge to eat this, you will need it all!
  • At this point you can split your ladyfingers in half lengthwise, if you so desire. I am lazy and do not use this method.
  • Grab yourself a baking dish at this point. 8 inches square is an excellent choice for this, as the ladyfingers will fit perfectly, but I've used all shapes and sizes. the pan you use will affect how many layers you can make.
  • Assuming use of an 8 inches square dish, quickly dip your ladyfingers, 1 at a time, and arrange ito cover the bottom of your pan. My husband prefers ladyfingers that have been fully immersed during their quick dip, but I like them immersed just shy of that. USE YOUR HANDS FOR THIS! Don't even try to use tongs or anything, these babies will disintigrate under the pressure.
  • Once you have a layer of ladyfingers, grab 1/3 to 1/2 of your cheese mixture (depending if you plan to make 2 layers or 3) and spread it thinly and evenly. I like using the side of a spatula for this, and you may need to scoop a little cheese up where it's thicker and move it to areas that aren't getting enough coverage. If you accidentally scrape up some ladyfinger crumbs, don't worry, they will not be visible at all in the finished dessert.
  • Get a clean sifter or fine mesh colander and add 1 tablespoon cocoa powder (powder will spill out the bottom, so do this over the tiramisu pan).Sift powder over entire layer of tiramisu.
  • Repeat the above technique with 1 tablespoon finely ground coffee.
  • Repeat steps 5-8 until you run out of cheese mixture. Your top layer will be the mascarpone mix sprinkled with cocoa powder and coffee.
  • Let this sit in your fridge for at least 15 minutes before serving, but a day would be ideal to let all the wonderful flavors develop.