Vindaloo Chicken Masala W/Chickpeas and Kale

Recipe by Jamies Kitchen
READY IN: 50mins




  • Prepare vindaloo masala paste as follows- add garlic powder, salt, pepper, and the vindaloo masala spice mix to a small bowl. Incorparate the olive oil with the mixture and add 2 tsp tomato paste and mix well.set aside. Dice the onions and carrots, slice garlic into slithers, and then cut fingerling potatoes in about inch to 2 inch cuts. Also cut chicken breast into about 2 inch square dices. Take half of the vindaloo masala paste and mix it in with all the cut vegetables (not kale or chickpeas yet.) Spray a small baking dish with pam, add veggie mixture and place in oven on 325 high for 20 minutes. Take the other 1/2 of the vindaloo masala paste and rub it all over the diced chicken.
  • Add the chicken to a large skillet or wok and cook on medium low heat then turn up to med heat when almost all the way cooked to darken a little more. While those are cooking wash the kale and take the leaves from the stems and tear into about 3 or 4 inch strips and set aside. Take out the veggie mix from oven and add into skillet or wok with chicken. Add pint of chicken stock and drained chickpeas. Let simmer med high for about 5 minutes to make sure the potatoes are fully cooked but not mushy.
  • Add the kale let cook and wilt on medium heat for another 5 minutes. Add the remaining 2 tsp of tomato paste to tighten the liquid up. Add a little more vindaloo masala mix to taste for heat and salt pepper to taste. Enjoy.