The Best, Simplest, Foolproof Fondue

"Find that old fondue pot, this recipe really works and tastes great. This makes a pot of smooth, no strings or clumps melted cheese dip. No more double boilers, constantly occasionally gently stirring wisking or flour or gluten An easy to make fondue that doesn't need a lot of attention and hasn't failed me. The base recipe I believe came from Horst Mager Portland Oregon Chef"
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Ready In:
2 cups




  • Heat wine to just below boiling stirring occasionally to evaporate alcohol set in fridge to cool, I don't have anything against the alcohol but it can cause your bag to inflate later in the process.
  • cube cheese into approx 1" cubes.
  • get a 1 quart sealing bag (vacuum sealer preferred but ziplock will work if you are careful).
  • if your cheese was sliced break the cubes into pieces 3 slices thick or less, this just makes the heating part easier and faster.
  • toss in the garlic and shake the bag to distribute.
  • carefully pour wine into the bag.
  • seal the bag, if you are using a ziplock bag, submerge the bag in a pot of water to get as much of the air out as you can, of if you have a vacuum sealer just enough vacuum to remove most of the air.
  • at this point you can put the sealed bag in the fridge for later use.
  • just before you are ready to serve heat the bag, either bring a pot of water up to a slow boil submerge the fondue in the water, for a short time, remove it and softly knead the bag to blend the ingredients repeat several times until the bag is too hot to handle and serve. Alternately if you are very careful, the way I do it is to heat in microwave for 30 seconds and gently knead, do this twice then move the heating cycle down to 15 seconds kneading in between each heating cycle until it's too hot to handle.
  • to serve pour into a fondue pot or other warming pot like a small slow cooker pot and serve with normal fondue dipping accouterments.

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