Tequila Rose - Creamy Alcohol Liqueur

"At our last big family get-together, we sampled something like this someone bought from the Liquor Store. Yum. I havn't tried this recipe yet; but I like home-made Bailey's, so I'm expecting to like this one too."
photo by Angela M. photo by Angela M.
photo by Angela M.
photo by Angela M. photo by Angela M.
Ready In:




  • Measure all ingredients into a blender.
  • Blend until mixed and smooth. Store in refrigerator until serving time.
  • I think, like the homemade Bailey's recipes, likely keeping chilled a week will allow the flavors to blend. All measurements are a starting point. If it needs more or less of something then adjust as needed.

Questions & Replies

  1. i'm out of strawberries can I sub with peaches or cantaloupe


  1. This turns out wonderful other than it is to light on tequila. I used a full cup and I think it was better.
  2. This is amazing stuff. Serve ice cold! After checking out suggestions in the review section I altered the ingrediants from the first batch just a bit. The result is to die for. I went with 1-1/2 cups sweetened condensed milk. !-1/4 cups half and half. 2 tsp "pure vanilla" extract. 1/4 cup strawberry syrup. 1 whole cup "white" tequilla. Didn't think it would be great after tasting at room temperature but....... A day in the fridge made this smokin delicious!!!! A must try!!!
  3. We make it in a big batch. But, we use liquid Strawberry Daiquiri .<br/><br/>3 cups Daiquiri Mix<br/>2 cups tequila<br/>1 cup Half & Half.<br/>Blend well and enjoy!
  4. VERY GOOD!!!! Taste very close to the real thing, the only thing is it was a little thicker then what you buy but that made it even better for me..Thanks northernmom!!
  5. Great basic ingredients. The recipe as is was too thick and sugary for me but with a few changes it was AMAZING!!! I actually added 1 ½ cups of whole milk, a ½ a cup more of cream and an extra cup of Tequila to this recipe. Didn’t really measure the strawberry syrup just poured until the color was right. Made a few batches for family/friends and they said it was better then the Tequila Rose they buy from the store. All I can say is add slowly. Thanks again for the recipe, this is a definite addition to my home made gifts.


  1. Absolutely brilliant ! I love strawberries, and this drink fitted the bill. I used vodka instead of tequila and it was still fantastic ! Thanks northernmom for a great recipie.


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