Sweet Honey White Bread-bread Machine

"This recipe was developed by me. It is a sweeter version of my Fabulous Honey White Bread recipe posted here on recipezaar. Toast this and slather with butter and cinnamon, your mouth will thank you! "
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photo by Ange C.
photo by Ange C. photo by Ange C.
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Ready In:
3hrs 5mins
1 1/2 LB. Loaf




  • Place ingredients into bread machine according to machines specifications.
  • Use basic white bread cycle, light crust setting.
  • One tip- To get all your honey out of the measuring cups, stir around in the warm milk.
  • You may also try substituting some flour with dry oatmeal for a Sweet Honey Oatmeal Bread. Just watch your liquid amount, it may need more or less.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Donna R.
    So this calls for 1/4 cup of Honey AND 2 tablespoons Honey?
  2. Donna R.
    So this uses a 1/4 cup of Honey AND 2 tablespoons Honey?
  3. Donna R.
    So this uses a 1/4 cup of Honey AND 2 tablespoons Honey?


  1. Ange C.
    Wonderful taste and texture, and it rose beautifully! Will definitely be making this again!
    • Review photo by Ange C.
  2. tnstowe
    Just tried today and WOW family loves it! It is a keeper for sure. I used the dough cycle and then made 2 smaller loaves and baked in oven as I prefer baking all my breads in oven over my bread machine
  3. ali63bob
    This is my favorite bread recipe. I have changed it a bit using 1 cup milk and 1/4 cup water. I can easily add ground flax, potato flour or any other grain. Ive added Bulgar wheat with out any harm to the basic bread texture and flavor. This is the best bread recipe ever. I use King Arthur bread flour
  4. Angela S.
    This is my new favorite recipe. The flavor and texture are perfect - so soft! I cut the recipe in half because my bread maker is for 1 lb loaves, but my bread machine stopped working (it's old and the blade thing just quit working) about a minute after turning it on to start mixing, so I transferred the ingredients to my stand mixer, mixed it for about 5 - 6 minutes, let it rise for 90 minutes, then put in loaf pan and let it rise for another hour and baked it in my oven at 375 for 30 min.
  5. Carol M.
    mine is still in bread machine for first rising. then second kneading and rising and baking. dough was very dry and needed several more drops of milk during the first kneading in machine. i prefer the dough to be smooth and a little sticky but not too dry and not to pasty. the batter was yummy. i pressed down any dry ingredients that stuck to the sides of the machine bread pan so all was mixed in. I will let you know how it turns out. looking forward to tasting the bread in a couple hours. thank you for the recipe.


  1. Carol M.
    added several more drops of milk and gently rolled the dough from the top of the dough ball to assure drops of added milk dispersed throughout. tasty dough.
  2. Kandy B.
    instead of milk i use unsweetened vanilla almond milk. it is like heaven!!
  3. PamsJoy
    This made a very nice loaf for everyday use. Instead of using milk, I used water, added first, and 1/3 cup dry non-fat powder milk, added with the dry ingredients. You can use your delay timer when using the powder milk. I didn't check the dough when it was kneading, which I really try to do, but it still mixed up into a ball just perfectly, so I know this will be a great receipt to use on the delayed timer. Also, I don't measure the honey, I use honey from a squeeze bottle and it is pretty easy to get a notion as to how hard to squeeze to get a tablespoon of honey - for this receipe - it was 6 squeezes!
  4. moot0009
    I loved this recipe! I ran out of honey though, and used molasses instead. It came out wonderfully! I too let the bread machine make the dough and baked it in the oven. It was delish! The bread was dense but not doughy- just perfect. Thanks!



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