Summertime Grilled Onions

"A man from Georgia told my husband about this idea. He wasn't sure about measurements or times but I made this and just used my own judgment. It's a nice departure from the same old stuff on the grill. It tastes like French Onion Soup!"
photo by SloppyJoe photo by SloppyJoe
photo by SloppyJoe
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  • Slice the ends off the onion and peel the outer skin off.
  • Place the onion on the aluminum foil (you could spray it first with nonstick spray).
  • With a sharp paring knife, scoop out some of the onion in the center to make an indentation.
  • Place the butter in the hollowed out area.
  • Then place the bouillon cube in the butter.
  • Wrap the onion up in the foil, sealing it tightly and place on a medium to low temperature grill and cook 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The onion is done when it feels soft to the touch.
  • Open the foil packet and put the onion in a shallow bowl or right on your plate.
  • Be careful, it's juicy!
  • You can leave out the butter (although this might alter the flavor) or use a beef bouillon cube if you want.
  • If you find the bouillon flavor to be too strong, use half a cube per onion.

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  1. This was fantastic! When we cook outdoors in the summertime, I am always looking for new ways to use fresh produce. This was so easy, and the flavors were wonderful together. It was easy to throw on the grill with the meat being smoked. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I will definately use this one again.
  2. Being an onion lover I just had to rate this one. A five big time! I had 9 adults and 5 children over for a cook out Sunday. I fixed 5 of these and when the first one was opened and placed on the platter, the other four were history. One little 4 year old girl who HATES onion even ate almost a half of one by itself. This is without a doubt a must at a cookout. Thank you sooo much for sharing this one.
  3. I've been making these LONG before I found this recipe. I don't use the butter, the onions make their own juice which is enough to make the bouillon dissolve but I simply adore these. Have had people who tell me they don't like onions try these and have also loved them!
  4. This was just okay for us. I used two medium Vidalia onions and cooked them on medium for 35 minutes and they turned out very mushy and very sweet. Thanks for sharing.
  5. These were Very good. I only cooked one (Vidalia) to split between DH and myself and started it in the microwave for 2 minutes just to give it a head start. Next time I will use 1/2 a bouillon cube for each onion. Yummy! Made for Grilling Photo Tag.


  1. I used this recipe, except I sliced the onions and used a beef cube instead. Topped my beef/sausage burgers with them and they were incredible. Thank you!
  2. Wow is all we can say. We loved these. They were simple and easy to do and the flavor was divine. DH put his on top of his baked potato and loved it. I ate mine as is and loved it although some bites were a bit salty so make sure you mix it up well. I subbed olive oil for the butter and they were delicious! Thanks for a regular addition to our grilling menu!



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