Squash Risotto

Recipe by Heather Nauta
READY IN: 1hr 10mins




  • Boil the squash in a pot. You can also steam it.
  • Heat the water in a pot and maintain it just below a boil.
  • Warm a third pot to medium (last pot, I promise) and add the oil and onion. Coat the onion in oil and cook it until it is translucent, but not browned.
  • If using dried thyme, add it now. Otherwise, the fresh thyme can wait until the very end of this whole process. Add the rice and stir to coat it in the oil. Pour in the wine and stir until it is all absorbed. Add 2 tsp sea salt. Add the heated water to the rice ½ cup at a time, stirring constantly until all the liquid is absorbed before adding more.
  • Use all 3 cups of water for a very creamy risotto, or only 2-2½ cups for a sticky risotto.
  • When all the liquid is absorbed, the rice should be soft, but only just cooked (al dente). Then you can stir in the squash.
  • Garnish your squash risotto recipe with cracked black pepper and optionally roasted pumpkin seeds for the best meal ever.