Special Ham Biscuits

"This was served at my boss' home when he had us over for the office Christmas party. His wife cooked everything that was served. She did an outstanding job! This is the recipe for her biscuits only it uses rolls, not biscuits. She made them the day before and just heated them when it was time for the party!!"
photo by Bobtail photo by Bobtail
photo by Bobtail
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  • Saute onion in butter till tender.
  • Add mustard, Worcestershire sauce and poppy seeds.
  • Place in refrigerator until it reaches spreading consistency.
  • Open the rolls, spread both sides with the mixture.
  • Place small amount of ham and cheese on roll and replace the top of the roll.
  • Cover with foil and heat at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.

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  1. My only suggestion to others, you may want to check on these when they are baking. There was still 7 minutes left on my timer when DH came home with the poppy seeds that I had run out of. It's a good thing because the rolls were done. Any longer and they would have burnt. So glad I got to them when I did, because if they had burnt we really would have missed out. I made them with a lite Jarlesburg cheese and half with shaved ham and the other half with a vegetarian deli ham substitute. Both the meat eaters and vegetarians a like enjoyed them. Thanks!
  2. Boy! what a great quick and easy recipe to make for any occasion. We loved them! I did add French's Yellow Mustard to the biscuit after I put the regular ingredients on the bread. That just added a extra taste to them. have had a similar recipe like this one before is why I added the yellow mustard. Thanks Bobtail for sharing this wonderful recipe! Its a keeper for sure!! :) (wish I could give it a higher rating)
  3. I work in a hospital cafeteria, and we do some catering also. My boss is in charge of the catering. She uses this recipe quite frequently in her catering, but we use the biscuits. She has made the biscuits from scratch, and she has also used the frozen, mini biscuits. This is a delicious sauce and compliments ham really well. Never had it with the rolls, but it is wonderful when using biscuits.



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