Southwest Chipotle Pickled Eggs

"This has been a hit with all of the pepper eaters I know. It's not "TOO" hot, and it has a great flavor. I found that letting it cure longer really brings out the chile oils and deep chipotle smokey flavors. It is worth the wait. If you like chipotle that is. (On my next batch I might also add some "Tabasco" Chipotle Sauce for some kick)"
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Ready In:
10 eggs




  • Boil eggs for appox 15 minutes.
  • Add everything except the eggs and vinegar, into a wide-mouth mason jar.
  • Add eggs to jar (make sure to get some of the peppers into the middle and top).
  • Fill jar to brim with vinegar.
  • Seal, shake, and place in fridge.
  • Let cure 2 to 2.5 weeks; occasional shake mixture and rotate jars.
  • Serve eggs at room temperature. The flavors seem to come out better this way.

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  1. This is great! I have always loved pickled egg recipes, but they all seem to be basically the same-vinegar, water, pickling spice, garlic, etc. This has a lot more going for it! It is not too fiery, even though it has a whole can of chipotles. I made three recipes with different brands - Embassa was my least favorite, Faro was the one I liked the best. But none was bad. These picked eggs are not pretty and I don't think much can be done to make them pretty (beet juice, etc.). They are just sort of grainy and an opaque brown, but flavor makes all the diference, and these are real winners in that department! Just delicious. Not a bad presentation if sliced and "fanned" on a plate. Took them to a party and they were a real hit! Try them, I think most would like them. My family will be visiting at the end of the month and I'm starting a batch tonight! I know they'll love them. Perhaps some more ingredients could be added, for instance, sliced onions, garlic, regular pickling spice, you name it. But these are very good pickled aggs. While this is not the regular and tiresome, it is very good and I'll keep this recipe as a real stand-by! ~Rob
  2. Fantastic and very pretty! I did add the Tabasco Chipotle sauce and highly recommend it. I made a really nice egg salad with the finished product with some mayo and pickle relish and served it in whole wheat pita with some sprouts. Yummy! Thx. for posting this unique recipe. O.K. I just made a chicken salad platter and added these eggs, sliced. They were the hit of the platter! I am excited about coming up with one last recipe for them. Finally, I just ate one with a piece of cheddar cheese on the side when I was hungry and had no time to make anything. Perfect!


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