Snow Pea, Chicken and Almond Stir-Fry

"This is originally from Good Taste magazine. I'm yet to try this, but it looks incredibly yummy and i decided to post it so i can add it to my cookbook!"
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  • Combine the ginger, garlic, sesame oil and Chinese five spice together in a large bowl. Add the chicken and onion and allow it to marinate for atleast 15 minutes.
  • Heat half a teaspoon of peanut oil in a hot wok and add the almonds, cooking until lightly toasted. When done, remove them from the pan and set aside.
  • Add 1/4 of the chicken mix to the wok, frying until nice and golden. When done remove from the wok and set aside. Repeat with the remaining batches.
  • Heating the remaining peanut oil, add the snowpeas and baby corn to the wok and stirfry until done to your liking. Add in the cooked chicken mixture, along with the oyster sauce and ketchap manis. Stirfry until the sauce thickens (this should take a minute or so).
  • Serve on a bed of rice, topped with corriander.

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Ofcourse this photo isn't actually me, but it's a pic i came across one day and just loved it! Moving on... I'm an Aussie girl and i absolutely love living here (in the food sense lol!) because it's so easy to access foods from all sorts of cultures and it's all so easily accessible! I work in a cafe which is quite fitting, and it's great because i'm around food all the time (and it's free...!). I do a heck of a lot of dancing and am about to enter year 12 (argh, exams and hard work!) so i do a lot of cooking as a way of relaxing. Also a bit of a healthy nut, and i don't tolerate dairy too well, so i'm always looking out for ways to make a recipe healthier and how to make it without dairy! I still enjoy cooking with everything (even if i don't eat it!) and most of the time it's passed onto the rest of the family (who are definitely happy with me doing the cooking fairly regularly!) <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
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