Shrimp Crostini

READY IN: 32mins




  • Vegetable Salsa:
  • Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and lightly season lightly with salt and pepper and stir well to combine all vegetables.
  • Lightly coat mixture with lemon-tarragon vinaigrette, but just to flavor the vegetables; do not drown them in the dressing.
  • Reserve to a mixing bowl and refrigerate.
  • Toast Points:
  • Cut baguette into angled slices of 2” in length and 1/2” inch thick and lightly butter.
  • Lightly toast bread at 375°F until light in golden color; this can be done in advance.
  • Lemon Tarragon Vinaigrette:
  • Combine all ingredients in a bowl except for olive oil and transfer to a blender. Slowly drizzle in olive oil until a smooth emulsification is created. Adjust the seasonings to taste and add more honey for a sweeter finish. Reserve to a squeeze bottle and refrigerate.
  • As prepared for service:
  • Lightly sprinkle (4) toast points with shredded Monterey jack to order and melt cheese in a 450°F oven for about 1 minute; be careful not to burn the cheese.
  • Remove from oven and place half of each shrimp on each toast point and arrange at an angle on an oval plate atop a small bed of arugula drizzled with lemon-tarragon vinaigrette.
  • Plating:
  • Arrange a bed of arugula on an oval plate and lightly drizzle with lemon-tarragon vinaigrette.
  • Put (4) toast points in oven on a sizzle plate lightly sprinkled with shredded Jack for approximately (1) minute.
  • Remove from oven and arrange atop of arugula at an angle on the plate.
  • Place half of one shrimp on top of each toast point.
  • Add vegetable salsa on top of each shrimp.
  • Drizzle lemon-tarragon vinaigrette over each piece (lightly, do not soak).
  • Note: You can substitute lobster, crab, or scallops for the shrimp if you choose.