Serviette/Napkin Folding, Simple Pleated Scroll

Recipe by kiwidutch
READY IN: 2mins


  • 1
    paper, serviette (large)
  • 1
    cloth, serviette (large)


  • Lay your serviette square out flat before you.
  • Take the bottom left and bottom right corners and fold them up 1/3rd of the way towards the top of the serviette.
  • Then fold the top left and top right corners down 1/3rd of the way. You will now have a long thin rectangle that is 1/3rd the width of the serviette sequare.
  • Take the top flap and roll it up several times over itself ( twice or three times depending on how large your serviette is)so that it forms a little pleat (horizontally) half way along the center of the serviette.
  • Carefully turn the serviette over so that the pleat that you just made is on the back side, then carefully turn the serviette around so that one of the narrow ends is closest to you.
  • Roll up the serviette starting from the shortest end closest to you and finishing at the very top. The finished serveitte will have a nice pleat in the middle.
  • Place the serviette onto a plate with the end flap undernieth to conceal it.