Scalloped Cabbage

Recipe by CindiJ
READY IN: 50mins
SERVES: 8-12




  • Cut cabbage up into bite size pieces.
  • Par-boil approximately 3-5 minutes, drain well.
  • Place cabbage in greased 9x13 casserole.
  • Set aside.
  • Melt butter in large saucepan.
  • Stir in flour and allow to cook 2-3 minutes over medium heat while stirring constantly (I also add salt & pepper to my white sauce to season - approximately 1/4 teaspoons of each).
  • Stir in half n half making a thick white sauce. Make your white sauce as thick as you prefer. The thinner the sauce, the more "soupy" the dish will be.
  • Cut up Velveeta cheese and stir to melt.
  • Season cabbage with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Pour cheese sauce over cabbage and bake covered with foil in 350º oven approximately 30-45 minutes till bubbly and cabbage is tender.
  • If using the crushed crackers, use saltines or Ritz style crackers accordingly to your tastes. Sprinkle over the top and bake an additional 10 minutes.
  • *Updated 7/14/11 - I added 1/4 cup chopped onion to the cabbage while boiling. This went totally undiscovered but did enhance the flavor!
  • If you are frying chicken or pork chops to serve with this, use your seasoned flour for the white sauce before coating the meat.