Rice Murukku

READY IN: 3hrs 30mins




  • Soak the rice in water for 2 hours.
  • Fry the dal in a pan without adding oil till brownish in colour.
  • Make a fine powder out of it.
  • Grind the rice to a fine paste without adding much water.
  • (The rice paste should be thick).
  • In a bowl, add the rice paste, 3 1/2 tsps.
  • of Urad dal powder, salt and butter and knead well with your hand.
  • In a clean muslin cloth, keep the mixed rice paste and cover well so that it does not dry up.
  • Take a lemon sized ball and roll it into a circle by twisting the rice paste simultaneously in the cloth.
  • About 2-3 concentric circles can be made in a single murukku.
  • Make about 10-12 at a time before deep frying.
  • Heat the oil well in a pan.
  • Add about 5 murukkus at a time and deep fry.
  • The fried murukkus should be golden in colour.
  • Store in airtight containers for about a month.
  • The size of a murukku can go up to 7 concentric circles about 20cm in diameter.