Rice Chile Verde

"This is a recipe given to my Mother by friends in the 70's? I was forbidden to share it but I like sharing and think everyone should have a chance to try it! It's ooey gooey cheesy yummy! It uses "mild" green chilies not hot ones. Everyone that tries it requests the recipe. It is very bad for you but worth having at least once a year for a potluck. I've had friends try to make it with lowfat or nonfat ingredients and it doesn't work. I also have tried mixing all the ingredients together and it doesn't taste as good, the layers matter (even though they melt together)! I usually double or triple it and bake it in a removable crock from my crockpot then put it on low in the crockpot for potlucks. If you do this the layers are still the same but double or triple the amount in each layer. I usually assemble it the night before and put it in the oven right before the event. For extra gooeyness add extra jack cheese in the layers to completely coat them. Remember for a single recipe: you are using 3 cups of "cooked" white rice which is made from 1 cup of dry rice. One cup of cooked rice per layer (3 layers). Enjoy! Very yummy with my Recipe#233148."
Rice Chile Verde created by Engrossed
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  • Cook 1 cup dry rice which makes 3 cups cooked rice.
  • Preheat oven to 350.
  • Combine sour cream, chiles and salt in a bowl.
  • Layer ingredients in a loaf pan. Or if doubling or tripling the recipe for a crowd layer in a removable crock from a crock pot that can be baked in the oven.
  • Layer as follows: a third of the rice, half of the sour cream mixture, half of the cheeses, a third of the rice, remaining half of the sour cream mixture, remaining half of the cheeses, remaining third of the rice, sprinkle top with extra jack cheese.
  • Loaf pan bakes at 350 for 25 min until bubbly.
  • Crock bakes approx 60-90 min until bubbly then can be in crockpot on low or warm for hours.

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  1. thbyrd
    Ha!! Was my mom the friend that gave this recipe to your mother? My mother made this recipe in the 60s and it's been in my recipe box and on my table for years. This is so delicious and so easy. Just decided to google it today, as I'm making it as we speak, and there you were!
  2. momaphet
    This isn't fancy or very photogenic, but boy is it delicious! I made a half recipe with a whole can of chilies. I made the rice the night before and it measured out 1 1/2 cups, but after chilling it must have shrunk because as I scooped out 1/2 cups to make the 3 layers there was only enough to make 2 layers. It didn't matter, I just added the goop on top of the rice and topped with cheese. Super easy, super tasty! Made for Please Review My Tag.
  3. Shani Banani
    This was great! I hate to tell you, but I butchered the heck out of the recipe. Instead of chiles I used Rotel tomatoes w/ chiles. Then, after that, I used mexican shredded cheese blend for the cheese. I was just trying to use items up that I had on hand. I will definately be making this again- the way it's posted.
  4. RSdaCat
    Good Heavens lady we NEEEEEEED you back at the library...I miss you very much, and EVERYONE misses this dish. This is probably the most terrible thing you can do to your waist, and simultaneously the MOST AWESOME rapture your tongue can handle without going numb! Isn't that always the way. Engrossed you sooo ROCK!!!
  5. Prayztwice
    Wow! This was fantastic! I absolutely love chilis rellanos and the taste was almost identical. I don't dare make this very often, tho', as it is extemely rich. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe



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