Quick Almond Chicken

"Very easy, just combine everything in a bag and shake! Contributed by my aunt for our family cookbook. Serve with fried rice and vegetables."
Quick Almond Chicken created by loof751
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  • Shake all ingredients together in ziploc bag or covered container, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Heat frying pan, add thin layer of oil, and heat until just before smoking point.
  • Add all ingredients and stir fry for about 5 minutes or until chicken is done, keeping pan as hot as possible without burning.

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  1. Gracielagata
    this was really good. i didnt think it would be stellar or anything, by the smell while cooking, but it tastes awesome! the only thing is that i wasnt sure if the almond should be raw or the roasted, snacking style. i used roasted, and i think it made it a bit too salty with the bouillon. thanks for a keeper!
  2. loof751
    Quick Almond Chicken Created by loof751
  3. loof751
    Absolutely delightful recipe! Flavorful and so quick and simple to make. Can't beat a yummy meal that you can have ready in 15 minutes - thanks for sharing this recipe!
  4. gailanng
    This probably is your best kept secret...and I'm stealing it!!!! Made for 123 Hit Wonders.
  5. gailanng
    Quick Almond Chicken Created by gailanng


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