Poverty Soup

"The ingredients are flexible - depends what you have on hand. Surprisingly tasty and easy. I live in a dorm, with a cafeteria we have to pay for, but I can't stomach the food (literally, oil intolerance) so I grab bits of what I can"
photo by RedJim photo by RedJim
photo by RedJim
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  • Place gnocci (or any other cooked pasta) in a bowl with frozen veggies/beans. Pour in tomato paste and mixed herbs.
  • Pour on water and mix well. Taste for desired consistancy.
  • Microwave on med-high, until bubbly and heated through.
  • Top with cottage cheese and pepper. I needed no salt.
  • I also added 1 tbsp of my mum's home-made spicy tomato sauce. Its a very flexible recipe.

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  1. Lucy L.
    To be fair, I never write a review until I at least tried the recipe. This is an exception to that rule. Everything besides a tomato based broth is optional. What the heck kind of recipe lists all the indigence as optional? Somebody dropped the ball on this one.
  2. Bugsplatter
    I look at the picture, and then look at the listed ingredients ... and see they don't match. Where are the onions and mushrooms as in the picture ? Then where are the peas and corn in the picture as listed in the ingredients? The picture is of a completely different soup than what is shown by the picture. I understand the concept of adding different things in a soup but they might as well just say: "Make a tomato broth and then throw anything in." It's about as good as the instructions are to the picture. Mixed up recipes deserve a fail rating.
  3. Sharon Veronica
    This soup LOOKS so good, so I pulled up the recipe and it sounds DELICIOUS!!! I always have leftover gnocci that I never know what to do with, and this soup sounds WONDERFUL! I'll be making it tonight :) I <3 that it's vegetarian like me! And the cottage cheese on top is not something I'd think to do, but I'm sure it works! I've used cottage cheese in other ways, but never in soup, 'til now :) THANKS SO MUCH for sharing this YUMMY recipe!!!! FIVE STARS :) !!!!!


I've just started getting into cooking, which is dd because all i have is a microwave and i eat at a dining hall! But I cant wait to get my own place!
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