Pork With a Sun-Dried Tomato Butter & Olive, Onion Sauce

READY IN: 20mins




  • Butter -- In a small food processor mince up sundired tomatoes. Add to the butter and rosemary and mix well. Just set off to the side. It is done.
  • Pork -- Ok this is quick. The pork loin, I used tenderloin so it is very tender. I just seasoned with salt and pepper and then went to a pan sear. A simple olive oil in a medium saute pan (no NON stick) heated to medium high. Sear each side. When the first side goes down, brush the top with the butter. Once flipped, brush that side as well with the butter. Only cook 2-3 minutes per side. The last time you flip again baste with the tomato butter and put back on the heat to finish cooking. another 2-3 minutes. It won't take long. You want the tenderloins to be medium rare. Keep a little butter for the end to top if you have any. Once done remove and cover. Temp -- I like to get to 150, it will get to 160 which is medium rare as it rests. It will be just fine. DO NOT overcook. Remove immediately and cover with foil to rest.
  • Sauce -- In the same pan I cooked the pork in, I deglazed with 1/2 cup white wine, then added, the olives, garlic and onions. Let reduce 3-4 minutes until the wine has reduced by 1/2 and the onions and olives are soft. Season with salt and pepper and just top the pork tenderloins with the onion/olive sauce and dinner is served.
  • Sides -- as I mentioned, I think couscous would be a great side. For a veggie -- roasted beets or even roasted cauliflower would be perfect.