Pikelets Aussie Silver Dollar Pancakes

"for zaar world tour 8 aussie seems everyone knows how to make this basic recipe served with jam"
Pikelets Aussie Silver Dollar Pancakes created by teresas
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  • sift dry stuff together
  • put vinegar in milk add 2 T melted butter
  • add egg to milk stir up
  • add wet to dry.
  • heat griddle with melt butter
  • spoon 1 tablespoon of batter onto hot skillet
  • repeat
  • flip when bubbly.
  • serve with jam on top.
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@Dienia B.
@Dienia B.
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  1. teresas
    Pikelets Aussie Silver Dollar Pancakes Created by teresas
  2. teresas
    Loved that this didn't make a bunch of pancakes...I got 12 nice size sliver dollars...enough for 3 people...I served mine with blueberries and whipped cream...I do think next time I will cut the sugar in half...it was bit too sweet for my hubby's liking...but the grandson loved it...thanks for posting it...:)
  3. diner524
    Awesome pancakes!!! I made these, as I had fresh strawberries that needed to be used or put in the freezer, that I replaced the strawberry jam/jelly. We had breakfast for lunch today, which I served with some thick sliced bacon. These were quick/easy to make and really had a great flavor and texture, plus they cooked up perfectly. I only used 1/2 the amount of sugar in the batter and used the other 1/2 to sweeten the strawberries (and to make a juice with them). I missed making them for ZWT 8, but very glad I got the chance now in the games!! Made for Went to the Market Tag Game.
  4. diner524
    Pikelets Aussie Silver Dollar Pancakes Created by diner524
  5. HokiesMom
    It is breakfast for dinner at our house and these were a hit! Loved that they were light on the inside but had a nice firm outside! Used apple butter on top of mine and the rest of the family used syrup. A huge hit! Thanks Dee for a keeper! Found and made during ZWT8.

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