Onion Syrup Cough & Cold Remedy

Recipe by Glori-B
READY IN: 12hrs 5mins
YIELD: 1 jar




  • Use a clean 1 quart glass jar for making syrup and storing.
  • Layer small handful of chopped onions and about 1/8 cup sugar. Keep layering until jar is full. You can use more sugar if needed. The recipe-meister wanted a definite amount so I guesstimated at 1/2 cup for the whole thing. You just need to be sure that the individual bits of onion are well coated with sugar.
  • When finished layering, just close up the jar, shake it up a bit so the onion is all coated and leave it on the kitchen counter. In about 2 hours the onions will have reduced by about half because the sugar pulled the water and the beneficial therapeutic compounds out of them.
  • In 12 hours its done! You can begin using the syrup at this point. It will still be giving off syrup for two or three days, so that is when I remove the spent onion bits (they gave it all they've got! LOL) and put the jar of syrup away for when needed.
  • Serve by the teaspoonful when needed for coughs and colds.