Old World Yugoslavian Coffee Cake

"This is a Delicious Yeast coffee cake. It overflows with a delicious nutty filling,and the sweet glaze puts it over the top.. It is wonderful with a cup of coffee at breakfast,or any time."
photo by A Dash Of Love photo by A Dash Of Love
photo by A Dash Of Love
Ready In:
2 cakes




  • 1 Make the filling. Mix all ingredients together except egg set aside.
  • 2 Place the yeast in a large bowl with the 1/4 cup of warm water. Wait for yeast to activate. You will see bubbles,and foamy looking top on it. If it doesn't appear to activate. Add a teaspoon of sugar to test. It may activate after adding sugar.Make sure water is not to hot or to cool. Warm not lukewarm,or hot!
  • 3 Stir in the milk,butter,sugar,eggs,salt,and 3 cups of the flour. Beat until smooth. Stir in enough of the remaining flour to make the dough easy to handle.
  • 4 Put dough on lightly floured surface and start kneading. Knead until smooth and elastic. Place in a greased bowl turning to greased side up. Let rise until double in size in a warm place. Hint: winter can be tough. You can place the bowl of dough over a bowl of hot water covered with a rack to support the bread bowl. Cover the bowls with a towel to trap warmth from the water like a tent. This helps it rise better in the Winter months. 1-1/2-2 hours.
  • 5 Remove dough from bowl after it has risen double in size. Punch the dough down with fist. Divide the dough in half. Lightly flour surface. Roll each half of dough in to a rectangle 12 x 15 inches long.
  • 6 When ready to use filling add the beaten egg to filling. Divide filling and spread over the 2 rectangles. Roll dough tightly by the long side of rectangle that is 15 inches.Pinch dough to seal where the dough ends. Repeat with other rectangle. Stretch the roll to even it out.
  • 7 Place each Roll on a lightly greased sheet pan. Coil the dough in a circle until the coil ends. Cover and let rise until double in size. About an hour. Heat oven to 350 degree's about 40 minutes or until browned. Brush cake with butter,and glaze.

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  1. This is truly delicious. The filling is so good! I bake mine at 375 until top is golden brown. It came out really nicely. My only problem is the filling is oozing out but I pushed it back using a spatula and spread it like a spread. I do not want to waste the filling coz it is very delicious. I hope you guys will try this. Thank you a dash of Love for sharing this wonderful coffeecake. :)


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