Old Fashioned English Breakfast Sausage (Or Sausage Patties)

"This recipe was copied from a little sausage booklet and has been well enjoyed over the years. Make these for those special holiday weekend breakfasts. The aroma alone has everyone up waiting for breakfast to be served. You can double or triple the recipe as these freeze well."
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  • Place all ingredients in a large bowl,mixing well to assure spices are evenly distributed.
  • Form into patties, refrigerate several hours to allow spices to blend.
  • Fry over medium heat until well browned and cooked through, with no pink showing.
  • NOTE this mixture may be stuffed into small casings, making 3-4 inch links, your guests will be so impressed!

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  1. This was a great recipe! I saw that some reviewers complained about the texture that the bread crumbs gave the sausage, and all I could think was, "but the texture is what makes it English sausage!" I prefer English style sausage (and especially English style back bacon) to the American types, and I have paid exorbitant prices to buy English style sausages from specialty shops, so I was very excited to see this recipe. I was delighted with the results! I used a package of ground pork I bought at the grocery store, which was not ground as finely as this recipe called for, and I cooked it in patties since I couldn't make links, but even so, the texture was much closer to the English style, and the flavor was BANG ON. I won't be buying prepackaged sausage meat anymore! In fact, I may have to invest in a sausage stuffer and start having a butcher finely grind pork for me. Thanks, Gerry!
  2. Absolutely LOVED this recipe! Perfect! I made this sausage to be used in a Sausage Roll recipe here on Zaar. I reground the pork in my meat grinder to produce a smoother texture. Next time I will stuff sausage casings. This reminded me of summers spent at my grandmothers house in Northern Ireland. Thank you Gerry!
  3. Zelda l followed food com since when it was recipezaar. Recently l started to review recipes l like
  4. We'll be making these again. My husband claims they take him right back to London. The seasoning is just right and the breadcrumbs help them stay juicy when cooked. We use 3 parts of pork cushion meat to one part of pork fat and grind them several times for a uniform texture.
  5. Made these this afternoon, left two plain for the kids and others added hot red pepper flakes. Chilled them for an hour to firm and relax, then layered into a roasting pan with my potato wedgies on top, roasted all together with some sweet red peppers too. Served stacked on a plate a vinegar oil salad topped with the sausage Pattie, then a poached egg, served potatoes as the side. Great meal, great homemade sausage. These we will make a gain, next time for brunch with maple syrup. Nice recipe for the family guests too.


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