Old-Fashioned Banana Cream Pie

"Before Cool Whip and instant pudding, this was how a cream pie was made. If you leave out the bananas, you have vanilla cream pie. If you add 1 cup shredded coconut to milk as it's being heated, you have coconut cream pie."
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Ready In:




  • Have baked 9-inch pie shell ready.
  • In a large saucepan, scald the milk.
  • In another saucepan, combine the sugar, flour and salt; gradually stir in the scalded milk.
  • Over medium heat, stirring constantly, cook until thickened.
  • Cover and, stirring occasionally, cook for two minutes longer.
  • In a small bowl, have the 3 egg yolks, slightly beaten, ready; stir a small amount of the hot mixture into beaten yolks; when thoroughly combined, stir yolks into hot mixture.
  • Cook for one minute longer, stirring constantly.
  • Remove from heat and blend in the butter and vanilla.
  • Let sit until lukewarm.
  • When ready to pour, slice bananas and scatter in pie shell; pour warm mixture over bananas.
  • If desired, make a meringue (you'll have 3 leftover egg whites) to top the pie, or just let the pie cool until serving.

Questions & Replies

  1. Why not mix dry ingredients with egg yolks, then add milk, cook til thickened? And if you cover and continue cooking, won’t it scorch?. Just saying, that’s how all other cream pies are made.
  2. Can I make this a day in advance and just refrigerate it?
  3. We don’t use whole milk so what do you recommend
  4. At what temperature and how long do I bake for?
  5. I followed this recipe exactly but even after more than 24 hours later it wasn't set. It was delicious but a runny mess. Thoughts?


  1. At the advice of my mom, I decided to make this for my Survivor group last night. It was a hit. I found it very easy to make. My only problem was that I didn't make enough. I thought one pie would be sufficient for 6 people, but as most everyone wanted seconds I should have made two. Thanks for sharing Lennie.
  2. Excellent pie. Easy to make and delicious. My kids love puddings too, so I can see we will be making this in all its pudding variations as well: vanilla, coconut or banana. Almost as easy as pudding out of the box but much tastier! Update..this was so good I couldn't wait to try it again as a coconut cream pie. My daughter suggested I cover top with plastic wrap as it cooled and top it with whipped cream before serving. Divine!
  3. Easy and very good. I added the coconut for a great banana-coconut cream pie-good reviews from the lucky ones who got to sample it before I finished it off.
  4. Excellent! I paired this with Miss Annie’s Weepless Meringue, and it was a Huge hit at our house. DD loved it and told me at least twice how good it was. Easy to make, next time I’d like to try making the coconut cream pie, with toasted coconut on top of the meringue…mmm. This is a Definite Keeper, thank-you.
  5. Oh boy, this was sooooo good. I would've never imagined myself making such a seductive pie. The custard was so comforting. I made this for a crowd of five, and there is not leftover! Ok, so my waist line may be in danger, but comfort food doesn't get any better than this. I didn't make the meringue because I used leftover yolks. But I did serve it with whipped cream and more slices of banana on top. My kid even drizzle some chocolate sauce on top (she really takes after mommy) :0) thank you for the reciope!


  1. I did mash one of the bananas and added it with the butter and vanilla. Perfect!!
  2. I used a piece of vanilla bean in my scalded milk and mashed a ripe banana, added to the mixture after scalded milk was added. It added alot of oomph to the banana flavoring of the pie, I also baked the pie for 19 minutes a
  3. hi
  4. AMAZING PUDDING BASE! YUMMY!!.. I used a grahm cracker crust, and only cut half a banana into bottom of pie plate, because i squished up 4 large bananas stirring till creamy and added them to the hot mixture right after the eggs. put in about a tablespoon more flour to help thicken. full of flavor!
  5. I substituted half the vanilla extract with banana extract


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