My Sweet and Sour Chicken

"This is so good. We love to eat it with hot sticky steamed white rice. Jasmine rice is our favorite."
My Sweet and Sour Chicken created by Shelly K
Ready In:
2hrs 15mins




  • Dip chicken in beaten egg, then cornstarch, fry in hot oil until golden brown.
  • Place in casserole dish.
  • Mix sauce well and pour over chicken and bake for 2 hours at 325*.

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  1. highcotton
    I'm so sorry that I can't recommend this dish. The only way I deviated from the recipe was that I took another reviewer's suggestion and added sliced onion and bell pepper to the casserole because that sounded really good and sprinkled in some red pepper flakes for a little 'bite'. When I tasted the sauce after mixing, it was absolutely yummy. However, after baking, it was just way, way too much on the 'sweet' side, without even a hint of 'sour'. My son reheated it the next day, adding another 1/2 cup of vinegar trying to cut the sweetness. Unfortunately, it didn't. Since your family and others seem to love it, I guess it's just a tastebud thing, so I think it's fairer to leave a comment rather than a rating. Didn't work for us, but I'm sure many people will enjoy.
  2. BeccaB2
    I made this for dinner tonight and was really impressed. Even my not so complimentary DH was full of praise for this one. He said it was every bit as good as Chinese take out, and I certainly agree. It not only tastes good, but it also makes a lovely presentation over rice. I think next time I may add some pineapple. Great recipe.
  3. Shelly K
    My Sweet and Sour Chicken Created by Shelly K
  4. Shelly K
    I like peppers with mine, so I cooked it on a bed of peppers, onions, and pineapple. I also ran out of ketchup, so I had to substitute tomato soup. The sauce came out AMAZING! I tried to use jarred sauce and it was horrible. This sauce was better than a Chinese restaurant! I also want to mention that my picky toddler will not eat ANY chicken nuggets. However, he ate this like it was free! Fabulous recipe!
  5. cookgina
    Awesome and very simple ingredients. For my husband I added hot pepper flakes and he loved it! thanks for posting.



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