Morello (Sour) Cherry Liqueur

Recipe by evelynathens
READY IN: 15mins
YIELD: 6 cups




  • Wash and remove the stems from the cherries.
  • Place a layer of cherries in a 4-quart jar and cover with a ½ inch layer of sugar.
  • Continue layering cherries and sugar in this manner, ending with sugar.
  • Add the spices and vodka.
  • Seal jar.
  • Place in a spot that receives the most sunlight during the day.
  • Leave to macerate for 4 weeks.
  • Add the brandy.
  • Seal tightly and let stand another 2 weeks, shaking every so often.
  • Strain into another bottle.
  • Discard spices.
  • Put cherries back in the bottle.
  • Store in a cool, dark place.
  • To serve: Pour into your pretties liqueur glass (the liqueur is ruby-red) and add 1-2 cherries to each glass.