Cherry trees produce two types of berries: sweet cherries are firm, heart-shaped deep red, purple-black or golden colored berries (bing, lambert, tartarian, royal ann); sour cherries are smaller, softer and rounder (early richmond, montmorency, morello). Marischino cherries are made from royal anns. Dried cherries of both types are also available.




June - September

How to select

Look for bright shiny cherries that are firm but not hard. If they have their stems they will last longer.

How to prepare

flambe, raw

Matches well with

almonds, apricots, balsamic vinegar, black pepper, brandy, caramel, chocolate, Cognac, cream, custards, goat cheese, Grand Marnier, ice cream, Kirsch, lemon, mint, nuts, peaches, plums, port, sour cream, vanilla

Popular Cherry Recipes