Milk Bath

"This makes a wonderful gift for anyone but especialy someone who has been laid up because of an accident & finally gets to have a real bath. Pour 1/2 c in bath."
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  • Place first 3 ingredients in food processor until powdery.
  • Pour mixture into resealable plastic bag or container with tight-fitting lid.
  • Add oil.
  • Shake well to distribute oil.

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  1. Anything with milk and baking soda in the bath is totally yummy. Milk and baking soda are very soothing to the skin. Get creative and add any one of the following items to the mix: honey, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, salt. Measuring in this case is not needed...a dollop here, an pinch there!! One thing about bath products, the sky is the limit of what you can put in it!!!
  2. DH really enjoyed his bath & loved the way it softened his skin. Smelled kinda funny afterwards...maybe needed more oil. Will definately try again!
  3. This is a super wonderful recipe you got here! I made this for myself this evening to use in the bath, to relax and to feel good, and this really hit the spot! I halved this recipe and made it. I used 1 1/2 tsps. of 'The healing garden Juniper Therapy clarity aroma oil'(for the fragrance oil) that sweet and wonderful Auntie Karen(Chef Yogi) sent me in the RAK package! This milk bath softened my skin, made it feel smooth, silky soft and fresh, not to mention, I felt totally relaxed and this really helped me unwind! What a super good recipe this is. Everyone ought to give this a try. I will try the next batch using lavender essential oil. Thanks a billion for sharing this fantastic bath recipe!


My DH & i moved closer to where he works, next door to his parents so we are there to help them when they get older. I like to cook experiment with foods, so i will have more time for this. I really do like this site & the support we get from friends we do not know.
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