Microwave Mashed Potatoes

"A quick and easy microwave recipe for mashed potatoes. This is a great way to make mashed potatoes without heating up the kitchen when it is hot outside."
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Ready In:


  • 6 medium potatoes, peeled and quartered (about 2 pounds)
  • 12 - 34 cup milk
  • 14 cup butter
  • salt and pepper


  • Rinse peeled and quartered potatoes.
  • Arrange potatoes in medium glass bowl.
  • Cover with plastic wrap.
  • Cook at HIGH for 9 to 10-1/2 minutes; stir once. You can set your kitchen timer for a reminder to stir. Potatoes should be tender.
  • Let stand, covered, for 5 minutes.
  • During this 5 minute standing time, combine milk, butter, salt and pepper in a large glass bowl or 8-cup glass pyrex measuring cup.
  • Cook milk mixture at MEDIUM for 2 to 3 minutes or until hot.
  • Drain potatoes.
  • Add potatoes to the hot milk mixture; mash until smooth.

Questions & Replies

  1. How much water do you use to cook the potatoes in? One person mentioned draining the potatoes but the recipe does not say how much water to use.
  2. Could I use a plastic bowl


  1. It came out perfect. Later I added some parsley and cheese and used it as stuffing for pierogies.
  2. These are very easy to make. I found that you needed a little more liquid since the potatoes are not boiled in water. When the potatoes were tender I just put the milk and butter in bowl and microwaved 1 minute. Hand mashed them and then onto our plates. I told my son, I made homemade mashed potatoes. The expression on his face was like he did not believe me. I don't understand why, I just made mashed potatoes in May of 2007, I remember it well. lol But with this recipe in hand, I will be making mashed potatoes more often. Made for Please Review My Recipe
  3. It's the easiest way to do mashed potatoes. It was perfect. Thanks foodtvfan :) Made for the best of 2011 tag game
  4. Tasty, quick, easy technique. Hand mashed them as my casserole container was too shallow for a mixer-would have had flying mashed potatoes instead. I like that these did not have sour cream or cream cheese in them. Thanks for sharing.
  5. This was a wonderful recipe! My husband pouts every time I make mashed potatoes from a box so I figured I would give this a shot since I didn't have time to boil potatoes. He never knew that they were from the microwave! I did not have any problems with them being sticky (or maybe that's just how I like them and I didn't notice) and I used a hand mixer to smash them up. My son who is very anti-homemade potatoes said that he would eat these any time. I did wind up adding some more milk and a bit more butter than the recipe called for, but I think I also used more potatoes. Either way, this was a great recipe and I will be using it from now on when I make mashed potatoes (including for Thanksgiving dinner when the extended family comes to town for dinner!). Thanks for posting!


  1. I left the skin on the potatoes and added garlic salt rather than regular salt. Otherwise followed the same directions. They turned out great. So easy!
  2. I love the ease of cooking the potatoes in the microwave and mashing right in the same bowl (after draining the liquid first, as the recipe calls for). I followed the recipe instructions up to the mashing step. I ended up needing to use a hand held mixer to get the consistency I liked. I added a touch of sour cream as well as some garlic powder (personal preference). I made these another time and added an egg along with the previously mentioned additions, spooned them into a casserole and kept warm in the oven while my roast finished cooking. Came out great!
  3. I loved making mashed potatoes so quickly and all in one dish!!! I used 3 extra-large potatoes and followed the cooking method as written. I drained off any liquid and added the butter, but used sour cream in place of the milk as DD was here for dinner and this is how she likes them done. I served it with a beef roast, gravy and corn on the cob. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and easy recipe. Made for PRMR Tag Game.


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